One of those memories we wanna hold on to,cling to

I'm Megan, a 23 year old Belmont Abbey College grad (Go Crusaders!) with my degree in Sport Management. I have the most amazing husband a woman could ask for. I'm a proud Southern girl from NC. I love life and Jesus with all my heart. I am Catholic, moderate politically (but just want peace and love all around), and I always stand by what I believe and will defend it till the end. I love movies, music, and books. To say it mildly, I'm a straight up fangirl. I have way too many favorites to mention but they show through via my Tumblr (Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Avatar:TLAB to name a few). Tolkien has had a major impact on my life with 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. I think you'll easily see this. I'm also a big sports fan. I bleed Cubbie blue, I cheer for the Fightin' Irish, the Carolina Panthers, and I cheer on Tony Stewart. I love Vera Bradley, Apple products, Pandora jewelry, and life.

My Owl Barn

Love one another - John 13:34-35